Questions remain about superintendent's resignation

NILES, Mich. -- Niles Community Schools Superintendent Dr. Richard Weigel resigned his position Wednesday. The school board told staff in an email that Dr. Weigel resigned because of a difference in views on the leadership and vision of the future of the district between Dr. Weigel, members of the administration and the board.

We contacted school administrators and the board, but haven't received a call back. A school spokesperson declined to comment.

Concerned parents want more information about why Weigel resigned.

"Why did he resign? What's the problem?" said Gayle Wilson, a concerned grandparent.

Wednesday night the school board held another closed door meeting to discuss Dr. Weigel after accepting his resignation.

They have not revealed what started the process.

"We need some answers to the questions so that we know why everybody is being so silent," said Wilson.

We went to the school district administration office and contacted the school district's lawyer. The lawyer provided us with a copy of the email sent to staff members, but it doesn't clear anything up.

We sent a request to see the separation agreement that sets out the legal terms for Dr Weigel's departure. It might reveal why Weigel stepped down.


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