Questions remain days after South Bend mass shooting

NOW: Questions remain days after South Bend mass shooting


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Days after the mass shooting at Kelly’s Pub that left one dead and 10 injured, many questions still remain.

The relative of one victim did not want to give her name because she fears possible retaliation from the shooter who opened fire last weekend.

“The most hurtful thing was seeing him fight for his life,” said the woman.

19 year old Ambrose Jenkins was celebrating his birthday before he was shot outside the pub, according to this family member.

“One of the injuries was to his leg, shattered his entire bone. The other one I believe was to his back,” she said.

Jenkins’s family says he has a long road to recovery, but he is going to be okay.

“We just gonna speak good faith into existence,” the woman said.  “To hear him say, I ain’t givin up. To hear him say what the doctor can’t turn them into can.”

More than a week after shooting, investigators haven’t said how many guns, or what kind were used; or the motive of the crime saying most witnesses and even victims are not cooperating.

Jenkins’ family wants anyone with information to come forward.  

“The answers need to be answered. Like i don’t understand how the police don’t know anything,” said one family member.

Several South Bend Common Council members say more details could be helpful to the public.

“The more correct information that can come from our police department, come from the mayor’s office, come from the council, come from eyewitnesses, it helps clear up the situation,” said Councilman Oliver Davis.

But they also understand the sensitivity.

 “I think they very  much know probably more than what  they’re letting on right? And so they’re being very strategic with the information they’re releasing. Which, in the course of an investigation is something that they should do,” said Council Member Jake Teshka.

Investigators haven’t released any suspect information to the public

Jenkins’ family tells ABC57News they are considering taking legal action against the pub.

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