Quilt gardens being planted over next 2 weeks

Volunteers and organizers will be planting quilt gardens at 19 sites around Elkhart County and Shipshewana over the next couple of weeks.

Approximately 150,000 plants will be delivered to the sites where workers, mostly volunteers, will arrange them in quilt patterns.

This year, in honor of Indiana’s Bicentennial, the Quilt Gardens will represent quilt patterns of historical significance.

The official opening is May 30 and the official closing date is October 1.

“The Quilt Gardens bring out the best in Elkhart County,” said Diana Lawson, executive director of the Elkhart County Convention & Visitors Bureau, which launched the Quilt Gardens in 2008. “We’re grateful to the hundreds who work so hard to keep each site looking at its best throughout the spring, summer and fall. And we’re humbled by the rave reviews we get from visitors near and far — some coming from as far away as Japan and Australia.”

For more information visit Quiltgardens.com.

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