Radio station remembers Denise Bohn-Stewart

On Wednesday morning, employees at 98.3 The Coast are remembered their friend and co-worker, Denise Bohn-Stewart.

The lights inside of the studio where she co-hosted, "Denise and Jonny in the morning," were left off all morning long.

Instead of a regular show, 98.3 made the decision to play music during the time "Denise and Jonny in the morning" would have regularly come on. 

Denise's desk is being left untouched for an indefinite period of time to honor her memory.

“I knew her obviously professionally but also personally. Professionally, the first thing that comes to mind is she always tried to be the best and personally she always tried to be a best friend to people," said Phil McDonald, 98.3's sports director.

“She was just a couple cubicles down from me and its empty, you don’t see Denise walking by, you don’t see Denise sitting in this chair laughing and enjoying what she did in the morning," said McDonald.

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