Rain makes fireworks business boom

ELKHART, Ind. -- Last year’s severe drought put a damper on Michiana’s fireworks, because a ban was in place for most of the season.

But because we have had so much rain and the fourth of July is a week away, Michiana’s fireworks merchandisers are seeing a big boom in sales.

Last year’s severe drought in Michiana hit the fireworks industry hard

“Extremely hard; we did not make any money at all.  We did not even sell a sixteenth of what we usually sell,” said A.C. Fireworks owner Carol Gatlin.

With all the rain we have been getting and no pyrotechnics ban in sight, this year’s fourth of July holiday should light up the sky and be pretty profitable for A.C. Fireworks.

Although it is not legal to light off fireworks until the 29th in Michiana, Gatlin says she has already had hundreds of people coming in to buy their favorite fireworks.

“They are already telling us how excited they are that they are going to be able to do it this year,” said Gatlin.

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