Rain, snow and strong wind

Scattered light showers/mist continues this evening and tonight. The cold front will move through late overnight, which will bring and chance for some thunderstorms. Temperatures will warm up into the low 50s through the evening, and once the front moes through, temps will start dropping into the 30s by early Sunday morning.

Wind will increase after the cold front moves through, and it will be strongest on Sunday. Winds will be sustained at 25-40 mph during the day tomorrow, and gusts will be as strong as 50-60 mph. As a reference, a thunderstorm is warned as a severe thunderstorm if it has winds over 58 mph, because it can cause downed trees/tree limbs, property damage, and power outages. This is what we could also experience tomorrow, even though we will not have any severe storms moving through.

Tonight: Cloudy with moderate showers & thunderstorms. Breezy. Low of 38.

Sunday: Rain showers changing to snow showers in the morning, and a chance for light PM snow. Very windy with gusts as high as 50-60 mph! High of 37 in the morning, and falling throughout the day.

Monday: Mostly to partly sunny with a slight chance of AM L.E. snow showers. Highs in the low-20s.

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