Rainfall affects local charity event

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Thousands of bikers participated in Bike Michiana for Hospice despite the rainfall.

The director of communications and giving for the Hospice Foundation said she was worried that the conditions would keep bikers at home.

Cyndi Searfoss said, “Certainly because it’s a little slick out there today, we hope everybody is slowing down and having a good time. It’s not a race, just go out and enjoy the scenery.”

Despite the rain, all 1,200 of the bikers continued riding.

Searfoss said, “The clouds and the rain didn’t deter anybody from coming out and having a great time today.”

Searfoss said she thinks they raised more money than last year.

Searfoss said, “We are continuing to get donations online and it looks like our total for the event is going to be higher than last year, and that was $54,000.”

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