Raising a child with autism, "It's just very difficult."

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Angela Manns is about to turn 40-years-old, she has two older children and didn't think that she would be having any more.

Life was tough for Manss, who grew up in New Jersey. She found herself homeless and decided to move to South Bend after hearing about the good homeless shelter that the city offered.

"I took the last $157.00 that I had in my bank account and I was planning on moving here with my oldest son," she recalled.

While staying at the Center of the Homeless she met James. She admitted it wasn't exactly love at first sight but over time they became close. The two ended up leaving the shelter together and getting a place to live. They got married and ended up having two children, Joshua and Emma-Rose.

Joshua is 3-years-old now. He was diagnosed with classic autism when he was two. His sister, Emma-Rose is just 8-months and is already showing signs of autism.

Joshua is non-verbal and can't keep eye contact. He is on the hyper end of the disorder and has a hard time staying still. Emma-Rose shows similar signs as Joshua when he was her age.

Click on the video player to see how the family lives each day, working the best they can together to have some normalcy in the home.

If you or someone you know is in need of information about autism click here.

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