Rallies set for noon on Occupys two-month anniversary

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Thursday marks the two-month anniversary of the Wall Street Occupy Protests, and rallies are planned across the country at noon.

Elkhart protestors will take the streets for a “We are the 99-percent" rally at Civic Plaza, on Main Street and Franklin Street.
In South Bend, occupiers have pitched tents and camped out at the Morris Center for weeks. While protestors in Dallas were kicked out Thursday night, occupiers in South Bend said they are not planning on leaving anytime soon.
Claims by South Bend Common Council members may shorten their stay, however.
Council members said business owners have been complaining the occupiers have been using their restrooms and demanding free food. Now, the Council is demanding city administrators announce an official position on the protestors.
Occupiers have denied those claims. Protesters have told ABC 57 businesses have been receptive and welcoming, especially small business in downtown South Bend.

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