Razor blades found at gas pumps in Berrien County

NOW: Razor blades found at gas pumps in Berrien County


COLOMA, Mich. --- Officials in Berrien County are warning residents of razor blades being found inside gas pump handles.

Coloma Township Police said it happened at the Speedway gas station on Church Street. A razor blade fell from the handle of a gas pump as a customer was picking up the pump.

Coloma residents have some questions for the people who would do such a thing.

“I don’t want to get my fingers cut up for one thing,” Brenda Webster said, who lives in Coloma. “It’s just why is it necessary? What does it prove? What does it get whoever did it? It doesn’t make any sense.”

ABC57 has reached out to Coloma Township Police to ask more about this situation. We asked if they’re looking for who might of done it, how many were found, and if they were found in other places in Berrien County.

For now, it’s important to be vigilant and check the gas pumps before you handle them.

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