Reading during school break combats summer learning loss

NOW: Reading during school break combats summer learning loss

School is out for the summer and for many kids it's a chance to put the books away. Experts say it’s important to keep reading skills sharp.

According to the organization Reading Is Fundamental, students can experience a one to three month loss of reading skills in the summer, if reading isn’t done regularly.

And some say books aren’t the only way to combat the problem.

Laura Walters, manager of programs with Reading Is Fundamental says we have to give children options.

We don’t have to rely only on books. Magazines, newspapers, even cereal boxes or signs on the road play a vital role.

According to Walters children should read at least 15 minutes a day older children about half an hour.

Ed Deleon, the chief program and content officer with the organization, says regardless of what your child wants to be when they grow up reading is part of their future success.

Walters adds the best strategy here is to take your children to the library and let them choose books that interest them.

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