Who Killed James Miller: Possible suspects (Part 4)

NOW: Who Killed James Miller: Possible suspects (Part 4)

With any unsolved case, it goes without saying that the challenge is finding a suspect. However, focusing on the wrong people can cause problems as well. And, when it comes to James Miller, a man who didn't dabble in anything bad, finding someone who wants to do his harm is not an easy task.

"Many. There have been many (suspects and persons of interest." Elkhart County Prosecuting Attorney, Vicki Becker, said. “And I’m sure there will be many more until there come a point in time this investigation is truly complete. You can’t go into an investigation and can’t work an investigation when you’re so narrow minded on a specific version or a specific individual. So, in the grand scheme of things, nobody is really a suspect until it’s time for me to sign paper on them.”

Since taking the case over less than a year ago, Becker's homicide team has been pouring over the evidence, revisiting what was once looked over while also diving into new leads.

But, a specific version of the suspect may have been an issue when the case was originally handled by Goshen Police. Goshen PD released a composite sketch of the suspect two days after the murder. Becker is on record saying she, more than likely, would not have.

When asked if she thinks the case was mishandled in the beginning, she had this to say.

"I cant say that. The investigation’s not complete.”

However, there are still many theories by people in the community. Goshen detectives interviewed a serial burglar by the name of Chad Weddle several times. He says they last questioned him in 2013 while he was in prison. He was never charged in the murder. Some close to the case tell ABC57 he is no longer being looked into. 

“Looking at the person in the sketch, I thought, I’ve seen that guy before someplace." Retired Goshen College Professor, Carl Helrich, said.

Helrich worked with Miller for decades. He still believes the killer may have been a student at Goshen College.

"I know students can get very upset if they don’t get into med school. They put their whole life on this, so to speak." He said. "There may have been, my thoughts here and I think there was a couple of other faculty, it might have been a disgruntled med student. He looked like a clean cut guy, the sketch of the killer."

And, with nearly 7 years passing, he says the killer may have moved on.

“In the event that this was a disgruntled student in someway, the probability of another attack is minimal.” Helrich said.

According to Crime Stoppers, tips in the case continue to come in. 

“Even though we know a whole lot, we don’t know everything. And that’s something, somewhere out there, somebody has more information.” Becker said.

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