Recent dry weather worries local farmers

Joan Whitaker has been going to the South Bend Farmers Market for more than 70 years, and says that she loves the vendors and the people.  

About 25-30 of the vendors are local farmers. Vaughn Wolf is one of these farmers, and is worried that the recent dry weather will put more of a damper on his crop sales. 

"They're struggling," he says.  "They're just existing."

Wolf sells about 90% of his crops at the market. He's worried what will happen to his crops if there continues to be very little rain.

Whitaker is one of the many sympathetic customers.  She says growing crops is a farmers' livelihood, and "if they don't make it now, they can't make it through the rest of the year."

She hopes that there will be more rain for the farmers, and plans on keeping her fingers crossed. 

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