Recent heavy rain causing floods in many counties

NOW: Recent heavy rain causing floods in many counties

GOSHEN, Ind. --- Recent storms and heavy rains have caused flooding in many counties all across Michiana.

And, some areas have been hit harder than others.

ABC 57 received a tip from a viewer on Facebook from a resident in Goshen who saw high levels of water near their home.

Jeannie Fisette and David Fisette spoke to us about how their home experiences this type of flooding every single year in their backyard.

They also say the high waters reached about 2-3 feet almost reaching to their knees.

“It happens every year every time it rains hard. It has become a problem. If somebody drives through it and isn’t paying attention, you know it could probably ruin their car if they don’t know how deep it is.” 

To paint a better picture, the shed you see in the video here can reach high waters almost half way when there is heavy rain. 

While you see flooding here in this area of Brookside Manor, others just across the street or around the block in the park didn’t have a pinch of standing water. 

The flooding in their driveway was completely filled with high water yesterday morning blocking off the entire street in their driveway. 

But for Fisette, not only do they have a backyard filled with water, their driveway is seeing some of that flooding too every year too.

Worries us some between the bugs and whatever is floating around in the water, structural damage to the house, just dirtiness in general,” Fisette said. 

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