Record turnout as riders remember fallen local heroes on 9/11

A record number of bikers rode through Elkhart on Sunday to remember fallen policemen, firefighters, and veterans.

“Riding to remember the firemen, the policemen, and the veterans,” said Army vet and biker, Floyd Mast.

“The brethren that these people have together to ride motorcycles, and their love for America, it’s amazing,” said Jay Squibb, a local teacher and biker.

More than a thousand bikers rode 72 miles to honor the fallen.

“I’m a father of a fallen soldier, and I know all this is part of the respect for my family and his duty to service, and I cannot tell you how touched I am,” said Marvin Trost, Jr., whose son was killed in Iraq.

The proceeds of the ride go to veteran, adult, and children’s charities in Elkhart.

 “There’s a lot of them that are a lot worse than I am. Some people need some help, and we need to help them also,” said Mast.

Having the event fall on 9/11 gave it special meaning.

 “Knowing that there were people who lost their lives, for me, that’s a personal connection all on its own,” said Squibb.

 “Some folks in this world have forgotten what that day meant, and they have forgotten the bravery and sacrifice, and I appreciate you being here, because you have not forgotten the bravery and sacrifice that those folks went through,” said Chief Dan Sink, of the Goshen Fire Department.

“The statement that was made here today is that we give a damn about this country,” said Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese.

“I was so impressed, brought tears to my eyes, and that’s no doubt. It was just a moving experience, and I just so appreciate all of these bikers very much so,” said Trost, Jr.

Organizers estimate the event raised $20,000.

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