Record Warmth

What a gorgeous day!  My best friend got married last weekend in Miami, Florida, and of course, I was very sad to come back to Indiana.  But, this unseasonably warm weather and sunshine are making it a little easier!

Usually in late winter, we are talking about high temperatures in the 40s.  The normal high for March 14th is 46°.  

The record for this date is 76°, set back in 1990 and tied in 1995.  
But, today's high of 81° has shattered the record!  
Normally, we have to wait until the middle of June to see such warm temperatures.
We were not the only ones experiencing unseasonable warmth!   Ft Wayne; Chicago O'Hare; Rockford, IL;  Indianapolis; St. Louis; Milwaukee; Minneapolis and Paducah, KY all tied or set new records today.
Overall, it has been a warm month.  Since the beginning of March, the average temperature at the South Bend Airport has been 43.1 degrees, which is nine degrees above normal.
And, it looks like the warm weather will be sticking around, although we could see some thunderstorms to go along with it later this week!  
Enjoy this taste of summer while it lasts!

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