Recovery process starts as neighborhoods deal with flood aftermath

NOW: Recovery process starts as neighborhoods deal with flood aftermath


ELKHART, Ind.- Families across Michiana are now dealing with flood recovery, which can sometimes prove to be a lengthy process.

ABC57 News spoke with a family on River Lane Court who is working to clean up. The homeowners have moved and had their home for sale; it was set to close on Wednesday.

That obviously won’t happen. Now neighbors, friends and family have come together to support and help. Thanks to one Elkhart County Lieutenant even more came to help.

“I knew that they had an issue there and so I put out a facebook message to get more volunteers at that point,” says Lt. Casey Lehman.

Lt. Lehman along with many other neighbors and friends came to Erin Mendoza’s home. “I thought I was going to get a couple people but I ended up with 13 people to help out in total,” says Lt. Lehman.

On the family’s side, Stephanie Harman, the homeowner’s sister who has been working around the clock.

“Unfortunately it didn’t do anything to prevent the water from coming in or rising even further,” she says. “We ended with about 6 feet of water in the house.”

The home destroyed inside, thanks to part of the Elkhart River running through their backyard“We were left with damage that is just incomprehensible,” says Harman.

Harman adds with her sister out of state, they relied on the goodwill of the community. “My sister is blessed with great neighbors.”

“We rallied the troops and we got about 5 pumps from neighbors, the realtor and other friends,” adds Harman.

Everything is a total loss inside the home. They’re looking at upwards of $15,000 in repairs.

“The unfortunate part is the home is not in a flood plain and it’s not designated a flood area, so they have no flood insurance,” says Harman. “Our heart goes out to those families who lost more than just walls and a home.”

“We are strong together rather than trying to do things as an individual,” adds Lt. Lehman.

This family is one of many who had to deal with flood aftermath. To help Harman and her sister, visit their GoFundMe account.

To volunteer, call Elkhart Fire Department (574) 293-8931), the Street Department (574) 293-5518) or contact the Red Cross.

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