Red Cross blood donations low

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ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- Summer is winding down, schools are in session, and to signify that is Labor Day. 


A local blood bank is saying the next few days before the long weekend are crucial for the blood supply in the area.


“We normally need about 750 donations a week, and right now we are not meeting that.  We are pretty far from that,” says a Red Cross worker.


"We could have an issue where instantly we need 100 units of blood. So we never really know. We're not open Monday which is an entire day of blood donations that we're going to lose. So the next couple of days are critical for us to make sure we have enough blood to get through that long weekend."


The South Bend Medical Foundation is sending a call for those donations, saying if each donor donated 3 times a year, they would never have a shortage, 


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