Redbud race in Buchanan draws 20,000+

BUCHANAN, Mich. -- Rider Nick Wey is used to being under pressure, but this weekend, he'll have to worry about being over-heated.

"It's fine," Wey said. "It's probably three to five percent hotter than it normally would be on a normal race weekend or other races we see, but we're professionals, so we'll be able to deal with it."

Temperatures got so hot that riders like him as well as crowds searched for ways to keep cool.

But even ice cold water couldn't keep some folks from feeling the effects.

"It's starting to pick up now," Andrew Hartman, an EMT, said. "We're getting more and more coming in at one time."

Emergency crews had cooling stations set up to provide relief for those who needed it, but most found ways to still enjoy the race.

"It's our second year here, and we just have a blast," Hailey Summers an attendee of the race said. "Even though we try to beat the heat, it's still fun to watch the racers."

Twenty-two-thousand people were estimated to be in attendance, which is a few thousand less than expected. But it's still the largest race of the Pro Motocross season. And for riders like Wey, he's aiming for a high finish.

"Last year, I had some bike troubles and finished just outside the top ten, but this year, I'm looking to finish towards the top five," Wey said. "I think it's going to be a very physically demanding track, and I'm ready for it.

And for spectators, a good race is all they're looking for.

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