Redheads, textured hair, bald heads are coming to the Emoji lineup

By AJ Willingham CNN

(CNN) -- At last, the Rick Astleys and Jessica Rabbits of the world can text their true selves. Red-headed emojis may be coming to your phone!

Emojipedia's Jeremy Burge, who serves on the Unicode Emoji Subcommittee, tweeted out the good news, and red hair is just the beginning. If approved, the future update will also include white hair and curly black hair for both genders, as well as male and female bald heads.

Team Emoji (aka the Unicode Consortium) has approved some well-recieved updates to the visual lexicon we've all come to love. One of the most recent updates included black hearts and a unicorn, and they also got rid of the gun emoji in favor of a much less threatening water gun version. And shockingly, it has only been two years since Unicode updated the icons with different skin tones.

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