Redman campaign holds victory fundraiser during recount process

NOW: Redman campaign holds victory fundraiser during recount process

A recount for St. Joseph County Sheriff might be setting the overall process back, but it’s not stopping one candidate from celebrating what he’s calling a win in that race.

Bill Redman initially won the primary back in May, but because of a razor thin margin of just 17 votes over Tim Corbett, we’re now in the middle of the re-count process.

Redman’s committee held a Primary Victory Fundraiser event Thursday evening in South Bend to help raise funds for the campaign and celebrate what they see as a victory. Somewhere between a hundred and two hundred people attended.

“This is my first time running for public office and from the very beginning we’ve had a lot of support,” said Bill Redman, candidate for St. Joseph County Sheriff. “[My committee] jointly comes up with different ideas to get moving towards our election in November. We won the primary race here; the voters made a decision and chose me as the democratic nominee so we’ve decided to move forward and start fundraising and preparing for our election in November.”

Just hours before that event, the first recount meeting, where 24 ballots were counted, showed a difference of 12 votes between Redman and candidate Tim Corbett with the votes still in Redman’s favor. Redman chose not to comment on the recount, but says tonight was about celebrating that initial announcement made in May and moving forward with that in mind.

“We had this event tonight and we have a golf outing scheduled for July. So we collectively decide on what fundraisers we’re going to do,” said Redman. “Myself, my committee, my family have been very supportive and helped spread my message and get the information out that we wanted to and obviously we prevailed and we’re looking forward to our opponent in November.”

35 ballots are still uncounted. Those will be counted during another recount meeting on monday at 10:00 a.m. in the same building as Thursday’s meeting was held on Olive Street in South Bend. Stick with ABC 57 News for the very latest.

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