Remaining two chimpanzees at Potawatomi Zoo move to Kansas zoo

Baby Face (Photo credit: Bruce Cernak)

Randi (Photo credit: Kelly Kiefer)

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind.—The last two chimpanzees at the Potawatomi Zoo now have a new home.

Based on the recommendation of the AZA Chimpanzee Species Survival Plan program, Baby Face, 47, and Randi, 34, were moved to the Rolling Hills Zoo in Salinas, Kansas.

The two join a troop of four chimpanzees comprised of one female and three males.

“We are always looking for ways to improve animal quality of life,” said Josh Sisk, executive director of the Potawatomi Zoo. “AZA standards recommend that chimpanzees live in larger troops for increased social interaction, and although our chimps were receiving exceptional care, we had an opportunity to increase their quality of life at another facility.”

The Potawatomi Zoo will be renovating the empty chimpanzee habitat to create a “naturalistic habitat for future animals” as part of the zoo’s master plan.

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