Report: BMV officials knew they were overcharging drivers

Court documents revealed top officials at the BMV knew they were overcharging Indiana drivers and now the agency could owe over $100 million.

The Indianapolis Star obtained thousands of pages of BMV documents and emails.

They show the former commissioner as well as other top officials received files detailing over billing by the BMV.

According to the documents, a deputy BMV director emailed Commissioner Scott Waddell a spreadsheet that detailed 17 overcharges.

This finding contradicts Waddell's sworn testimony last year where he claimed to be completely blindsided by the allegations.

But former deputy BMV director Matt Foley says he too gave Waddell forewarning on several occasions.

During his deposition, he admitted to telling Waddell, controller Harold Day, Deputy Commissioner Ron Hendrickson and his supervisor Shannon Dickson.

According to the report, every day the BMV ignored the email from Foley, it cost drivers even more in overcharges.

Per day that was about $23,000 out of the pockets of Indiana drivers for two years.

That accumulated a more than $60 million bill in refunds for over billing but lawyers say BMV could stand to pay even more.

The BMV has started paying back people who were overcharged.

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