Residential homes to take place of old Scottsdale Community Center

NOW: Residential homes to take place of old Scottsdale Community Center

SOUTH BEND, Ind. –It’s been called an eyesore. Now, it’s finally being torn down.

The old Scottsdale Community Center on the city’s south side has sat vacant for 15 years, but when crews started getting ready to raze it, neighbors were surprised they’d never been updated on the plan.

“It’s definitely been a lot of work to find out answers,” said neighbor Sara Scheibelhut.

Scheibelhut recently started the Scottsdale Neighborhood Organization with the help of her boyfriend to unite residents and improve the neighborhood.

The group is so new, they just had their second meeting Wednesday night.

She says neighbors have been speculating what would take over the plot of land where the old community center has stood vacant for years.

Common Councilman Jake Teshka says the property has been on the county’s tax rolls and has been up for tax sale multiple times.

“We took an interest as a city in the property and a possible park space, mixed use space, something to enhance that neighborhood,” he said.

Last spring though, the land was bought at tax sale by a private developer.

The city says as many as 12 residential homes will be built on the property.

Scheibelhut said she did not know about the plan until ABC57 told her.

“I’m not very happy with it,” she said. “We would love to see this be some type of building of a place that is useful to the community.”

 Scheilbelhut says neighbors have expressed interest in park areas, even a splash pad.

“Just ways we can utilize the space not more houses,” she explained.

Teshka says the new homes will infuse new life into that neighborhood.

“Homes that will really add value to the surrounding home values as well,” said the Councilman.

Officials say that development should begin this spring.

Teshka did say that the city is going to work with the developer to either purchase a chunk of the land or have it donated, so a city park could be built as well.

Right now, the new owner is still unknown, but city officials say the developer just got a clean title and will engage the community moving forward.

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