Residents, business owners on southeast side hoping for more development

NOW: Residents, business owners on southeast side hoping for more development

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --- The South Bend Common Council approved a master plan from 2015 on Monday that is set to encourage development within the southeast side.

The zoning and annexation committee said neighbors on the southeast side created the plan in 2015 and have been implementing it. On Monday, the council officially recognized the master plan. 

"To be honest it really hasn't changed much besides a couple of places shutting down and not being replaced," said Travis Johnson, who lives on the southeast side. 

On Miami Street, there are many vacant buildings and little to no foot traffic. Johnson said he'd like to see more local businesses and businesses that appeal to the youth. 

"The neighbors came together in 2015 and used this whole process to help revitalize the whole southeast side," said Oliver Davis Jr, the chair of the council's zoning and annexation committee. 

Davis Jr. said the master plan will help guide revitalization in the southeast side which includes Riley High School, Indiana University at South Bend, Bowman Creek and Miami St. He said in general master plans help with city planning - where to place things and where not to place things. 

"I want to see the area look more better," said Randall Walker, owner of Sir Randall's Shop of Swagg on Miami St.

Walker said he'd like development to mirror Western Avenue. Other business owners on Miami St. said they would like to see more local businesses, less crime, and better infrastructure.

"Certain areas that you see, you'll say well why do I want to shop there," said Johnson.

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