Residents concerned about conditions of South Bend roads

Local residents were posting on Facebook about their concerns of the condition of some main roads in South Bend. So ABC 57 News hit the pavement to see how bad these issues might actually be.

Nathan Bethke, the concerned neighbor who posted the Facebook post, drew attention to the poor condition of several major streets around South Bend.

"I don't know if it's budget issues. I know the weather has a huge factor on the potholes and wear and tear but it just seems like they do it once and then it's just left to be until it's gone or something happens, like a new road is put in."

Others voiced similar concerns, saying if you don't live near Notre Dame a fix is unlikely.

So ABC 57 went to the main street intersections that were mentioned in this Facebook post: Lasalle and Notre Dame Ave, Lasalle and Hill Street, and Notre Dame Ave and Howard.

And we saw: crosswalks that are barely visible, double yellow dividing lines that are too faded to see in low light, and turning lanes that are lacking clear turning arrows.

We reached out to the City of South Bend to see what the city's plan is to fix this potential safety problem.

They responded with a written statement saying:

"Street re-striping is scheduled for the months of May, June, and July. To put down paint, it must be 60-degrees or warmer outside and dry, no rain. The paint is on order and South Bend Streets Department is hoping for a dry, warm late spring/early summer so they can get to work."
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