Residents, county at odds over CR108

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- Elkhart residents and the county are at odds over County Road 108. Residents asked for a safer road after a 12-year-old was killed. The county responded by repaving the road. Residents say that's just not enough.

There are now 140 bumps down a one mile stretch of CR108.

Residents say the road is not only uncomfortable to drive on, cars are still speeding.

"They have come out and ground those down, and you can see in some of those places, they have ground down to the original road surface," said David Foutz of the Elkhart County Council.

"The road was better than when they did this to it," said Lisa Riffle.

"There must be some other thing that they can do - somehow speed bumps, or signs," said Peggy Clevenger.

Councilman Foutz says he hears the complaints and took a closer look at the road himself. 

He says the county has already done what they can.

But residents say it's dangerous for the children in the neighborhood.

"She has to get on the bus here every morning and if I go down the road with her in the backseat and I am just really scared of them riding my bumper," said Clevenger.

Councilman Foutz said they have done all they can do with the road patches this year.


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