Residents demand change after flooding

EDWARDSBURG, Mich. -Residents are fed up with the flooding happening on Oil City Road. They have also expressed concerns about the safety of Davis Lake.

People living here say that flooding has happened before, but never like this.

“I’ve lived out 28 years, and I’ve never seen any disaster like this in my whole entire life since I’ve lived out here in Edwardsburg,” said Gail Grahl.

Oil City road faced two feet of water after six inches of rain over the weekend.

“We got evacuated, propane tanks were floating across the street. Pieces of trees, mud, dirt, you couldn’t use the road for a couple of days,” Grahl explained.

Hillary Whitney and her family needed to evacuate, “we’re not really sure when we’re able to come back home.”

Steve Lucas, Managing Director for the Cass County Road commission said that this can happen here again.

“The homes that are at the Oil City location, near Davis lake, I would expect them to uh. The ones who live on the west side of the road, they’re going to water passing through their yards probably again in the future.”

But people living along Oil City road are blaming the severe flooding on a neighboring farming issue. That cause has not been confirmed by officials or the farmer.

Residents plan to voice their opinions at the next Township meeting.

Cass County Michigan residents who have home or business damage from the recent rain and flooding can report damage by calling 269-445-1460.

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