Residents dont want business to expand in their neighborhood

ELKHART, Ind. -- Homeowners on Brittany Trail in Elkhart are ready to fight for peace and quiet in their neighborhood. A business wants to expand into an area in the neighborhood that is zoned residential, which would require county commissioners to rezone the land.

Stephen Hollenberg and other neighbors are ready to fight tooth and nail to stop the expansion that would bring the industrial complex practically into Hollenberg's backyard and right next to Eastwood Elementary School.

Hollenberg and his neighbors have found public documents they say indicate the land in question has been intended for residential use for years.

They say if this plan is allowed to move forward, it would be devastating for their neighborhood.

"Very depressing. It's going to be unsightly. The noise is going to be a problem. And the effect on our property values is just going to be devastating,” said Hollenberg. “We've had an appraiser do an official study of this and what impact it might have on our property and his estimate is that it will decrease our property value by about 30-percent.”

The business wants to expand into the lot behind Hollenbergs home

Those woods were part of a noise buffer that was agreed upon when the industrial park was established over a decade ago.

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