Residents growing tired of power outage

SOUTH BEND, Ind. --  Over 10,000 people were without power across Michiana Thursday night. Indiana Michigan Power said most of those affected should get power by Friday.

But some residents say their patience is wearing thin.

Carrie Smalley’s house is becoming the new hang out for residents in her neighborhood.

“We’re mostly trying to help others with space in our freezer and everyone come over and charge your phone type thing,” Smalley said.

Neighbors are dropping by because she is the only one with power thanks to her generator.

It’s an investment she thinks everyone in her neighborhood should make.

“The wind can blow or not blow and we can lose power for three or four days,” Smalley said.

And neighbors like Willie Mcglown agree. He also has a generator just a few houses down from Smalley.

He said cost is now becoming a factor.

“Well it’s kind of hectic. Probably isn’t as bad as it could be if I didn’t have my generator but it’s costing me about $25, $30 a day to keep that generator going,” he explained.

It brings up a big question on roughly 10,000 people’s minds Thursday. “

Why is it taking so long?” Smalley asked.

Indiana Michigan Power said they understand her frustration—but want residents to understand this is a process.

“140 poles have snapped or been taken down completely in South Bend and Michigan areas. We anticipate we’ll find some more as the next day progresses,” said Indiana Michigan Power Director of Communications Brian Bergsma. “Repairing an individual pole can take up to a few hours.”

In the past two days numbers have gone from over 70,000 people without electricity to now about 10,000.

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