Residents load up on sandbags before the rain

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. -- With rain in the forecast and higher temps, most areas in Michiana are preparing for flooding.

In Marshall County, commissioners have provided the sand, and the emergency management agency has provided the bags.  All residents need to do is bring a shovel. 

"When we have rain like this, what is predicted, all the water just comes down like a river into my basement," says resident Mike Mercer

Mercer picked up sandbags at the King Road location.  

The Marshall County Emergency Management Agency wants residents to be proactive.  

"We are anticipating flooding issues over the next several days," says Clyde Avery, the director of the emergency management agency. 

Experts say load your bags about three quarters of the way full, and when it's time to stack, make sure to build up in a pyramid shape.

"Depending on how high you anticipate the water level to reach, you want to be at least a foot higher than that," says Avery.  

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