Residents losing patience after several days without power

LAPORTE COUNTY, Ind. -- Residents on Pleasant Street in Michigan City have been living without power since Monday night. Residents are upset and frustrated waiting for the power to come back on.

With no electricity, there’s no hot water and no refrigeration for food.

"Most of my perishable items are out of my fridge and dumped them,” said resident Glenn Byrd.

Byrd has been without power since Monday night.

"We are at our wits end around here. You know some of my neighbors have lost all of their food in their deep freezer. I know that I have lost all of my food. And since I have been here this is the longest that we have had an outage,” said Byrd.

Neighbor Debora Mitchell, runs a hair salon out of her home. She has closed her doors for the week. 

"As far as being able to live in here has been unbearable. Having to trying to cook, can’t plug anything up. You know having to spend money that I really don't have because of my business I am shut down. That's how I make my living,” said Mitchell.

Many residents are aggravated with NIPSCO, their power provider.

They want to know why they are still in the dark - without electricity and without answers. 

They say they have contacted NIPSCO repeatedly and received no response

"As you can see we have a lot of our guys replacing the poles in the area and our goal is to get them back with their power as soon as possible,” said Angie Nelson, NIPSCO Public Service Manager.

NIPSCO said their biggest problem is that power lines cannot be fixed until downed trees are cleaned up.

They are expecting all power to be restored by Friday night.

NIPSCO outage information
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