Residents of Nappanee apartment complex displaced after flooding

NOW: Residents of Nappanee apartment complex displaced after flooding

NAPPANEE, Ind. --- Saturday storms left some folks living at the Village Apartments in Nappanee waking up to water seeping into their units. Now they’ve been struggling to get help from management.

“My furniture’s ruined, my kids’ stuff is ruined. I didn’t have renters insurance but I don’t I don’t have anything now. Being a single mom of two. I lost everything," said Gabriella Calabrese who's been living at the complex for about 6 months.

“First thing I thought was is there’s a sump pump outside so I went out checked the sump pump. It wasn’t running or nothing so I pulled it up out of the pipe unplugged it, plugged it back in stuck it back in the pipe and then it finally started pumping water," said another tenant at the complex who didn't want to be identified.

The water came seeping in from air vents and went through carpets ruining almost everything in Calabrese’s apartment.

Devastated she and her neighbors reached out to property management for help, but haven’t received any response.

“Not really getting any help but nothing right now so just kind of waiting to see who’s gonna step in and help whether it’s the apartment or insurance," said the tenant who didn't want to be identified.

Calabrese did speak with someone from maintenance but they told her they could only re-caulk the carpets for them despite evidence of mold already starting to form underneath.

Despite not having another place to live, she says she refuses to bring her kids back into the unit if management doesn’t do something to permanently fix the flooding issues.

“We residents want to come home we have a family. This isn’t their home and we understand that and that’s probably it’s not important to them, but to us this home," said Calabrese.

We reached out to the management office of the complex, but they have not reached back out at this time.

We’ll continue to look into this and will update on this post if we hear back.

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