Residents react to body found in Culver


Culver residents are reacting to the discovery of Alma Del Real's remains.

Many residents are relieved the Del Real family is closer to finally getting some closure, but they're still in disbelief after Wednesday's discovery.

“It was upsetting because we would never dream we would be finding a body this close to downtown Culver,” said Tonya Hauptil, TLC to the Max co-owner.

Culver residents who stopped in the popular restaurant Café Max for lunch, talked about the disturbing news.

“I even had to let my boss know, it's just something that doesn't happen around here,” said waitress Rachel Emmons.

Just a few miles away, authorities discovered the body of 22-year-old Alma Del Real in an area that's well known in town.

“On any given day, anytime, you can find counselors, teachers, students, hiking in that area,” said Colleen Stephenson, TLC to the Max co-owner.

Many are uneasy.

“It concerns me that this type of thing happens at all," said resident Ed Furry.

Many have questions.

“Why so long after she's been missing?” said Hauptil

“Why did they come to Marshall County to get rid of the body?” said Furry.

But they all agree, no family deserves the pain the Del Real's are feeling.

“I just hope they find strength,” said Furry.

“We're all thinking of you and you're in our thoughts and prayers,” said Emmons.

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