Residents say problems with Nappanee roundabout not completely addressed

Nappanee residents feared plans for a new roundabout on State Road 119, State Road 19 and County Road 44 could cause problems. And now that it is nearly completed they say those issues haven't been properly addressed. 

Residents say they've seen enough to think this will not work for their area. That's because of the diverse amount of vehicles that run through it like farming tractors and RV's. 

They say the way the roundabout loops is fine for ordinary vehicles but creates challenges for those large vehicles and, in turn, slows down traffic for everyone.

"It's like a jigsaw puzzle," said Devon Eby of Nappanee.

But INDOT says slower traffic isn't a bad thing. They put a year of planning into this and say overall the roundabout makes what used to be a hazardous intersection safer for everyone while keeping traffic flowing.

"Roundabouts are beneficial to replacing 4 way traffic signals because they reduce accidents. Reduce traffic delays," said Nichole Thomas of INDOT.

But residents here say they have evidence to prove the roundabout does more harm than good. 

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