Residents travel to Chicago to experience World Series excitement

Despite a loss against Cleveland in game three of the World Series, Cubs fever is still being felt from Michiana to Chicago. ABC57 spoke with some South Bend residents who drove to Chicago to experience the atmosphere.

“We couldn’t afford tickets, but just being in the atmosphere and seeing how great it is out here in Wrigleyville – there’s no words that can describe it," said Todd Crocker of South Bend.

“We had to come in because this is history. We’ve always been Cubs fans. My dad is a huge Cubs fan and we wanted to experience the atmosphere," said Kayla Hogan of South Bend.

Crocker, Hogan and a few of their friends drove from South Bend to Chicago.

They went to the area's most popular Notre Dame bar, The Irish Oak.

"Hopefully we bring a little bit of the luck of the Irish here so we get a W today," said Hogan.

That luck of the Irish already proved true for them. They got in just before the cover charge skyrocketed to $100 a person.

“We got here early. We were the last people to get the early bird special -- $50 a person – so we’ll take it," said Hogan.

“The cover charges are a little outrageous, but to spend it with friends, family and just strangers who are huge Cubs fans like myself makes it all worth it," said Crocker.

They say a Cubs win could make them forget about that price altogether.

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