Residents upset that abandoned homes haven't been demolished

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- An abandoned home in the 400 block of Johnson Street has become a problem in the neighborhood. Residents hope the city will demolish the building soon.

Ramon Davis said, “People go in and out all the time looking for scrap, smoking drugs, animals running out all the time, skunks, groundhogs, cats, raccoons, you name it.”

In 2013 the Mayor's office started an initiative to revitalize 1,000 homes in 1,000 days.

Davis said, “There have been at least 4 or 5 contractors here bidding on this house and that was last year! Last summer! It should be gone!"

Davis said there are over 30 homes on their street that are going to be refurbished or torn down. Many of those properties have become a popular spot for crime.

"They go in there and sometimes we hear people inside banging on pipes and trying to get the last bit of whatever is in there,” Davis said.

Davis said the home at 405 Johnson Street must be a problem property for the demolition team since it hasn't been torn down yet.

Neighbors said they are appreciative of what the city is trying to do, but they ultimately just want the neighborhood to be safer for their family.

Paulette Nesbitt said, “It's very unsafe for our children. We want to make it a better neighborhood for our children. If the abandoned places are fixed up, or torn down, it would be nice.”

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