Residents weigh in on new auto insurance law

NOW: Residents weigh in on new auto insurance law


NILES, Mich.— Governor Whitmer signed a new auto no-fault legislation to lower insurance costs for drivers across the state.

Starting Thursday drivers will have the option to choose what level of personal injury protection, also known as PIP, coverage they want.

One Michigan resident said that he isn’t sure what to think about the new law, but that he can see it being beneficial for some.

“In some aspects it sounds like it’ll help some people, for some people it will seem like a burden but I mean only time will tell,” Michigan resident Stanley Meredith said.

Folks with insurance covering auto-related injuries and folks with Medicare plans have the option to cap their coverage plan, or they can choose to opt out of PIP entirely.

Meredith said that he’s unsure on whether or not he will change his insurance plan or not due to uncertainties

“I’m going to do research into it and see what the pros and cons are, weigh my options before I make a final decision but again, we’ll have to see,” Meredith said.

Meredith also said that some issues can arise with new laws being implemented, but that he’s hopeful that it will be a game changer for the state.

“With any new law and new change to things there’s always you know hiccups and bugs in the system, there’s always something that can go wrong,” Meredith said.

“All we can do is you know hope this new system is actually going to be beneficial for everybody.

These new insurance changes will apply to policies issued or renewed starting tomorrow, July 2.

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