Resource center gets $30,000 to help South Bend small businesses grow

NOW: Resource center gets $30,000 to help South Bend small businesses grow

SOUTH BEND, In. --- A $30,000 contribution from the city of South Bend is helping small businesses grow beyond their dreams. The West Side Small Business Resource Center is now officially open on Lincolnway West.

Project Impact, Michiana Score, and The South Bend Heritage foundation all partnered with the city to make this center a reality.

Mentoring, access to small business development services, a functional space for business meetings and more will all be available at the center.

“Our goal is to make sure economic growth doesn’t only happen downtown, or in a certain neighborhood, but that it’s available for everyone,” Mayor Pete Buttigieg said. “What you have here is not only a physical space that these new startups can use, also access to networking and access to mentoring that’s gonna help make sure they succeed.”

Labbaeus Davidson was part of the process for today’s (Tuesday) ribbon cutting ceremony. He unveiled his first big project with the city of South Bend since launching his business, Nception Solutions, two years ago. All the banners and signs at the event were designed by Davidson’s company.

“The Westside business center is designed to help and it’s not for people that have a bunch of money either.” Davidson said. “They look at the small guy, they look at the optimist, at the small business owner, they look at the entrepreneur and say how can we help.”

For those with an idea to start a small business, Davidson says not to wait. He was able to grow his business even more with the help of the West Side Small Business Resource Center.

The center is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and is located at 809 Lincolnway West in South Bend.

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