Results for Benton Harbor mayoral primary

Incumbent James Hightower and Benton Harbor City Commissioner Marcus Muhammad will be on the November ballot as mayoral candidates.

Voting for the August primaries wrapped up at 8 p.m. Tuesday night.

Mayor Hightower said it was his birthday on Monday so finding out he'll be on the ballot was a great present.

Hightower held a celebration party in the Arts District at Euneka's Bakery.

Hightower said, “We’re looking forward to November! November we will be the top vote getter, there is no doubt."

While Mayor Hightower is confident about the future, Muhammad said the numbers appear to be in his favor.

According to the preliminary election results, Marcus Muhammad received 374 votes, James Hightower received 272 and James Atterberry received 167.

Muhammad said he will not be having a parade and celebrating until the residents in Benton Harbor have a better quality of life.

Muhammad said, “Still a lot of streets that need to be paved. Potholes that need to be repaired. So while I’m excited about the numbers, I’m also sobered at the fact that the City of Benton Harbor needs vast improvement.”

The Berrien County Clerk's office will review the electronic election results on Thursday.

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