Review of first snowy, icy weekend of 2021

NOW: Review of first snowy, icy weekend of 2021


If you were hoping for a quiet start to the new year, Mother Nature had a different plan. The combination of snow and ice gave us some gorgeous views, but also caused a plethora of problems for Michiana.

The first day of the year started with freezing rain. Michiana picked up ice accumulations of 0.1 inches to 0.25 inches.

If we had the same amount of snow, that wouldn't seem like a big deal. However, this amount of ice is heavy enough to weigh down power lines and tree branches.

Ice formed on trees and bushes Chief Meteorologist Tom Coomes, South Bend

Michiana had several power outages, leaving thousands without power. Some didn't have power for multiple days.

Ice formed on utility poles and power lines Aaron Stevens, Bourbon

Many tree branches, or even entire trees, were not able to hold the weight of the snow, and fell.

If the ice wasn't enough, parts of Michiana also started to see the freezing rain shift to snow showers. In South Bend, we picked up 1.9 inches of snow on January 1, on top of the ice. So far this year, Michiana has picked up 2.8 inches of snow, which is 0.9 inches higher than the normal amount.

Officials reported multiple slide offs on January 1, as roads were a mess during the snow and ice.

While there were many problems happening, at least we got to enjoy a beautiful winter wonderland forming. Ice helps snow stick better, whether that is to a tree, a car windshield, or a utility pole. If you've ever had a flocked Christmas tree (the kind that is tinted slightly white to look as if it is covered in snow), that is kind of what our actual trees looked like this weekend.

Here are a few viewer photos that were sent to ABC57 over the weekend. Thanks to everyone for sharing!

Barbara Beechy, LaGrange

Cathy Benko

@dwatson6055 on Twitter

Malaak Khattab, South Bend

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