Riley High School mourns loss of 16-year-old student killed in shooting Friday

NOW: Riley High School mourns loss of 16-year-old student killed in shooting Friday

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- Friends, family, classmates, and more gathered for a vigil Monday night less than a mile away from Riley High School, where Alyyus Enoexpettiford would have been a sophomore next year.

We spoke to the principal with how they are handling the loss despite South Bend Community Schools being on summer break.

“They’re angry they’re upset they’re frustrated. They’re hurt than anything because they just don’t know again, he doesn’t bother anyone that’s where they keep going around,” said Shawn Henderson, the principal of Riley High School.

He shared a photo of Alyyus with ABC57 revealing the boy’s bright smile.

While the community is heartbroken, those who knew Alyyus will never forget the bright smile, and his ride of choice, his skateboard.

“Alyyus loved to skateboard you know that dribbles a basketball like they got handles are there in one with the ball he was in one with the skateboard,” added Henderson.

Signs of love now lining the sidewalk where officers were notified around 5:45 Friday evening, a teenager had been shot on the south side of the city.

Despite being out of school, the SBCSC said they’ve been reaching out to students in need of resources to get through the hard time.

Henderson is even taking things into his own hands.

“Just doing home visits... having conversations, matter of fact. I am getting ready to go do a home visit as soon as you and I are done,” he said.

Adding, those impacted by the loss goes far beyond those at Riley High School.

“And again, his warmth was his smile. You know, just the dreads, and the nose piercing, and the gentle smile, and the skateboard, and the free life that he lived, That’s Alyyus and that’s who we will truly miss,” he said.

The South Bend Police are still investigating the homicide, and told ABC57 there was no update they could give share at the time, Monday.

SBPD was present at the vigil, and are asking anyone with information to Bring Alyyus and his family justice to contact them, or anonymously through Michiana Crime Stoppers.

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