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Officials shut down roads across Michiana

SOUTH BEND, Ind. - Dozens of roads have flooded after a morning of heavy rain.

In Elkhart County, County Road 28 at County Road 3 is closed due to flood water running over the street.

Parts of State Road 331 are flooded north of Bremen. The worst part appears to be between Riley and Shively Roads.

In South Bend, various neighborhoods are seeing flooding, including the area around the intersection of Ruby and Opal Streets.

Marshall County is under a travel watch. This means conditions threaten the safety of the public. Get the latest travel advisories by clicking HERE.
Officials in Marshall County have shut down the following roads in Bourbon Township:

  • 8A between Iris to 8B
  • 8B between Hawthon & Hickory
  • Hickory between 8B & 7B
  • 7B between Ironwood & Hickory
  • Beech Between 7th & 8th

St. Joseph County has shut down the following roads:

  • Beech Road from Osborne Road to New Road
  • Douglas Road from Buckeye Road to Beech Road
  • Early Road from Wintergreen Road to Walnut Road
  • Fillmore Road from Snowberry Road to Tulip Road
  • SR 331, between US 20 Bypass and US 6
  • Elm Road from Shively Road to Riley Road
  • Elm Road from Pierce Road to Kern Road
  • Jewel Park – Topaz Street, Ruby Street, Opal Street, Jewel Avenue East of US 31, south of US 20 By-Pass
  • Kenilworth Road from Tyler Road to Shively Road
  • Kern Road from Ironwood Road (Hawthorne Road) to SR 331
  • Layton Road from SR 331 to Elm Road
  • Madison Road from SR 331 to Elm Road
  • Northside Boulevard from Beyer to 20th Street
  • Pierce Road from West County Line to SR 4
  • Quinn Road from Place Trail to Walnut Road
  • Redwood Road from Shively Road to Riley Road
  • Riley Road from Mulberry Road to SR 931
  • Riverside Drive from Michigan to N Lafayette
  • Rush Road from SR 2 to Harrison Road
  • Tyler Road from Tamarack Road to Redwood Road
  • Tyler Road from Kenilworth Road to Juniper Road

To check where St. Joseph County is offering sandbags click here

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department listed roads that are impassible because of flooding:

  • CR150 between SR19//CR7-Closed
  • CR17 between CR48//CR50 –Closed
  • CR26 between CR3//CR22-Closed
  • CR146 between SR15//CR21
  • CR32 between CR9//CR7-Closed
  • CR46//CR13 –Closed
  • CR36//CR43-Closed
  • CR28 between CR101//CR3-Closed
  • Reliance Rd-South of Bashor/North of Clinton-Closed
  • CR1//CR130-Closed
  • Old Farm Drive
  • Arch Street
  • Folsom Street

Starke County has closed the following roads:

  • SR 23, between SR 8 and SR 10


  • CR1 between CR22//CR24
  • CR 13//CR26

  • CR131//CR56

  • CR131 between SR120//Bonneyville Mil

  • CR131 North of CR8

  • CR13 between CR28//CR126

  • CR18 between CR17//CR19

  • CR19 North of CR142

  • CR19//CR142

  • CR21//CR40

  • CR26 East of CR9

  • CR28 between CR113//CR15

  • CR28//CR1

  • CR28//CR9

  • CR3 between CR26//CR28

  • CR30 between CR1//County Line Road

  • CR30 between CR1//CR3

  • CR30//CR7

  • CR36//CR19

  • CR38 between CR31//Century Dr

  • CR40//SR13

  • CR5//CR2

  • CR52//US6

  • CR56 between CR13//CR15

  • SR119//CR15

  • SR13 between CR52//SR13

  • SR13//CR38

  • SR15//CR10

  • SR15//CR26

  • SR19//CR40

  • State Line Rd-West of Tharp Lake Rd

To check where Elkhart County is offering sandbags click here

INDOT has shut down the following roads in Starke County:

  • SR 23 between SR 8 & SR 10
  • SR 10 between US 35 & SR 17

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