Roads, basements flooded in Marshall County

MARSHALL COUNTY, Ind. -- Heavy downpours in Marshall County, Indiana caused roads, fields and basements to flood.

"Across the road there it usually floods, but it doesn't come up on the road, it just comes to the road, but today it came on the road,” said Bourbon resident Loretta Carrothers.

Carrothers has lived in Bourbon for 8 years-and has never seen anything like Wednesday’s flooding.

"About every two years we get a good downpour, but nothing like today,” said Carrothers.
There aren't enough road signs to warn drivers of the water on the road.
"There's nothing on the road to warn people that there's water down there,” said Carrothers.
That puts drivers at a higher risk of hydroplaning.
"Some of the semis thought it wasn't very deep and they would really wiggle going through there because they hit it so hard that they kind of lose control from hitting that water,” said Carrothers.

Most of the water has receded, but Carrothers says she is still pumping water out of her basement.

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