Roads dangerous for those using wheelchairs

SOUTH BEND, Ind.-- Joseph Boney's been in his wheelchair for 40  years. He needs to drive his wheelchair in the road everyday, but he says he'll never feel comfortable. Most recently, he was hit on Douglas Road coming home from the pharmacy.

"A lady, she was talking on the phone and I was on the shoulder, said Boney. "It seemed like the more I moved over to the shoulder she came over that way too and she hit me, spun me around in the chair, and she kept going."

And that wasn't the first time he was hit.

"I've had a broken foot, got hit up here by Martin's, torn up wheel chairs, numerous things- people not paying attention," said Boney.

A trip to CVS for a prescription sounds easy. However Boney's trip is anything but. Poorly leveled and deadend sidewalks are just two of the obstacles he faces for simple daily errands. So he's trying to bring attention to the need for sidewalks in the county.

"The only way to solve the problem is you need to get together with the mayor and put some sidewalks down here," said Boney.

Until then, he'll keep looking over his shoulder in fear of being hit again. But he said there's not much he can do.

"I keep my phone in my pocket. Or I hope and pray I didn't get hurt too bad."

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