Roadwork in Mishawaka affects businesses

MISHAWAKA, Ind. -- For the past week, Main Street in Mishawaka has been a traffic nightmare for drivers and businesses alike. Some say their business has suffered because of the project, but there’s good news as we approach the holiday weekend.

The last two days have been difficult for some businesses on the north side of Mishawaka because of the road resurfacing project.

It has been affecting Bruno’s Pizza on Edison Road.

"Traffic's been blocked off, it's been hurting our business,” said Blake Schirripa owner of Bruno’s Pizza.

While the construction hasn't been too detrimental to the state farm insurance office next door, they have seen the effects.

"We have had a couple of appointments over the last two days and each one of those appointments have been late,” said Michael Sanders of State Farm.

The headache out front has businesses like Frankie's BBQ and Brew, a new restaurant barely a month old, a little concerned.

Owner Alex Dawson has seen a slight drop in clientele and can't wait for the orange cones to disappear.

"It's crucial. It's very crucial especially with us being just newborn here, it's very crucial; and all we can do is hope it's over soon,” said Dawson.

Most drivers are also fed up with the delays.

"They just need to get it done and get it over with; and they should do this stuff at night,” said Eileen Sullivan.

"They always pick road construction projects and do them all at the same time. Spread it out over the summer,” said driver Crystal Rans.

Whether it's all done at once or spread out, it has to get done.

"Everybody realizes that it's summer time and this is the kind of stuff that happens,” said Sanders.

As for this project, the resurfacing of Main Street and Edison Road has been completed.

That means businesses should be back to normal and the road open for the holiday weekend.

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