Romney makes quick campaign stop in Indianapolis

Indianapolis, IN -- Presidential hopeful Mitt Romney spoke to a receptive audience of veterans in downtown Indianapolis today; just 24 hours before he officially accepts his party's nomination.

Romney told members attending the American Legion National Convention he plans to make military affairs a top priority if elected.

"For the past four years, President Obama has allowed for our leadership to diminish," Romney said. "In dealings with other nations, he has given trust where it's not earned, insult where it's not deserved, and apology where it's not due."

He also touched on providing jobs for veterans; claiming President Obama hasn't done enough outreach to engage with those who've served the United States.

"They've served their county. They want to get back to work. They need and deserve good jobs," Romney said. "This President's greatest failure is that he's not delivered those jobs. As President, I will get America to work again."

Romney wants to boost defense spending, saying planned cuts under the Obama Administration jeopardize the nation's safety.

"Where he's dodged the tough choices, we'll confront them head on," Romney said. "And deliver a better future for Americans of this generation, and the next."

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