Roseland officials demanding changes at Motel 6 leased by South Bend

ROSELAND, Ind. --- Officials with the Town of Roseland are demanding some changes be implemented immediately at the Motel 6 leased by the city of South Bend.

The hotel is being used to quarantine homeless individuals with nowhere else to go.

Bob Master, the attorney representing the Town of Roseland, says one of the biggest concerns is that the property is being misused by the people staying there. Officials believe that’s putting those living nearby the facility at risk.

“Many of the changes the town recommends to the city are to make sure that people coming into the facility understand the purpose of the facility. To remain there for the entirety of their recuperation or until they receive negative test results,” Masters said.

The city of South Bend secured the Motel 6 in April as a place to house people potentially infected with COVID-19 with nowhere to quarantine themselves.

Just last week, a homeless woman died at the facility from complications after contracting the coronavirus.

Now town officials want to see some changes, starting with requiring individuals quarantining at the Motel 6 to sign a written agreement to remain in isolation, until they either test negative or recover from the virus.

The town is also asking that South Bend officials increase on-site security and management at the facility conducting regular room checks.

Their last request is for the city to provide transportation for those isolating at the Motel 6 to get back to their original address before coming to Roseland.

South Bend Mayor James Mueller’s office issued a statement saying, “The City continues to work with the Town of Roseland to alleviate the Town’s concerns related to the facility.”

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