Round Barn brews into the New Year

BARODA, Mich. – The Round Barn Winery, Brewery, and Distillery hasn’t slowed down any during the holiday season. On Thursday, just three days until the New Year, they’re busy making a new batch of Cocoa Stout and testing out a few holiday cocktails.

"During the holidays we supply the cheer so everybody tends to come out this time of year which is nice,” said Wine Maker and Distiller Matthew Moersch.
Moersch said they get about fifteen percent of their business locally and the rest from northwest Indiana and Illinois.
He said most of the people shopping during the holiday are looking for that special gift.
"Something to take to somebody’s dinner party, champagne, martinis and things with the DiVine vodka, they’re just looking for anything unique,” said Moersch.
The beer that was brewing on Thursday won’t be ready for the shelves for about three weeks, but they said they’re plenty stocked if you’re still shopping for the New Year.

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