Local nature center has new hands-on exhibits for their upcoming day camp

NOW: Local nature center has new hands-on exhibits for their upcoming day camp

There are new hands-on exhibits at the Rum Village Nature Center for you and your family to check out

These exhibits are all very interactive. From getting a close up of bees making honey to observing wildlife, the director of the center Garry Harrington says this is one of the last freebies in the area.

Harrington says thanks to some money they had left over from last year’s budget and a carpenter on staff they were able to amp up their exhibits.

There’s a brand new touch table where kids can touch what’s displayed and look at what’s presented closely.

There’s another touch table with dinosaurs and insects to explore up close and something else you can watch up close are the bees making honey.

In the auditorium there’s a huge window. Here, children can watch wildlife in their natural habitat.

Harrington says there are times when he sees more than 100 kids in one day at the village, equaling thousands of people coming in every month.

Of course everyone is excited to be there. “Kids have a natural affinity a natural draw to nature,” says Harrington. “It doesn’t take much to get them out on the trails every day to experience that first hand. There is no substitute you can’t get from your phone, TV, social media, you have to go out there and experience it for yourself.”

These exhibits are going to be part of the Nature Detective Day Camp coming up later this month.

It’s geared for children 6 to 12 years old and you can still sign your children up.

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